American Concentration Camps VOLUME 3 February 20, 1942- March 31, 1942

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American Concentration Camps Volumes 1-9 Collection

Volume 3 divides into 4 sections. Description about this volume reads directly from the book as follows: Section 1 contains archival documents from February 20, 1942 to March 19, 1942 regarding the basic decision of how to remove more than 100,000 human beings which was delegated to General De Witt and his staff. Section 2 contains the Congressional Record from March 19, 1942 which contain the entire congressional debate over the status which made it a federal crime for a civilian in an area that was not under martial law to fail to obey the instructions of a commanding general and his deputies. Section 3 contains the Preliminary Report and Recommendations report dated March 19, 1942 that endorsed what the military wanted to do and was doing and had it been otherwise, congressional approval might not have been so routine. Section 4 contains archival documents, dated March 20, 1942 to March 31, 1942, that shows the policy of forced removal put into effect; in this period the first of General De Witt's Civilian Exclusion Orders (printed in volume 1) was issued affecting the Bainbridge Islanders of Puget Sound, and the first Relocation Center was opened at Manzanar, California.

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