Takeharu Inouye Diary

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Takeharu Inouye Collection

In the final diary that Takeharu Inouye kept during his internment at Tule Lake, he includes descriptions of the movies he went to see daily, which served as his primary form of recreation. Takeharu also describes his feelings over succeeding and failing in his high school classes, since his friends would cheat off of his work, but he would be the one to get in trouble with strict teachers. He mentions more details concerning his family members, particularly his sisters Fumiko and Miyoko. The opinions of the Inouye siblings differed greatly from their parents, causing tension within the family and a rebellious streak in the teenagers. Takeharu briefly mentions the shock of hearing of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and speculates on Japan's strategy at the end of the war. His diary entries conclude with his father's return from work leave in Ogden, Utah.




  • Inouye, Takeharu


Courtesy of the Takeharu Inouye Collection, Densho