Report of the informal meeting of the stockade internees and the Co-ordinating Committee of the Tule Lake Center

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ddr-csujad-2-68 (CSUJAD Local ID: sjs_sch_0068, CSUJAD Project ID: sjs_sch_0068)

San Jose State Schmidt (Willard E.) Papers

Report provides minutes of meeting requested by stockade incarcerees, listing the incarcerees, Co-ordinating Committee members, and others in attendance and presenting paraphrased text, identifying speakers by name. Topics addressed include incarcerees' difficulties in talking honestly, especially when they are spoken with in groups rather than individually; incarcerees' understanding of conditions in the camp outside of the stockade; the work of the Co-ordinating Committee and of the Negotiating Committee; previous meetings; psychological impacts of long-time incarceration; and the unfairness of some individuals' incarceration in the stockade and pleas for those individuals' release. This document is the same as the other one sharing its title (sjs_sch_0067), except for the handwritten text "Mr. Mahart" at the top of the first page. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: sjs_sch_0068


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San Jose State University Department of Special Collections and Archives

Willard E. Schmidt Papers, Courtesy of San Jose State University Library Special Collections and Archives

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