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[Mr. and Mrs. Akutagawa] (ddr-csujad-56-320)
img [Mr. and Mrs. Akutagawa] (ddr-csujad-56-320)
Portrait photo of Mr. and Mrs. Akutagawa. The original image is housed with the Sonoma County Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), and was borrowed for digitization courtesy of the JACL. This image belongs to a group of images related to the Akutagawa family. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: …
Group outing (ddr-densho-359-741)
img Group outing (ddr-densho-359-741)
A group poses for a photograph on a boardwalk.
Kawamoto house construction (ddr-densho-359-654)
img Kawamoto house construction (ddr-densho-359-654)
A man and woman stand on porch of Kawamoto house under constrution.
Group photograph in front of car (ddr-densho-359-358)
img Group photograph in front of car (ddr-densho-359-358)
From left to right: Kenny, Mo, Gerald, Mrs. Yamagata, Pauline, Mrs. Nakata, Kenji, Sadako, Shigeko, Alice, Mr. Nakata, Joe
Group photograph on beach (ddr-densho-359-705)
img Group photograph on beach (ddr-densho-359-705)
A group of men, women and children pose for a photograph on a beach.
Woman in kimono (ddr-densho-359-1070)
img Woman in kimono (ddr-densho-359-1070)
A woman in a kimono poses in front of a table of bonsai trees.
Group outing on Bainbridge Island (ddr-densho-359-335)
img Group outing on Bainbridge Island (ddr-densho-359-335)
From front to back: Fumiko, Asako, Toshiko, Sadako, Taeko, Mr. Nakata, Kenji
Portrait of family (ddr-densho-359-831)
img Portrait of family (ddr-densho-359-831)
The caption in the album is written in Japanese.
Couple (ddr-densho-359-17)
img Couple (ddr-densho-359-17)
Written on the bottom of the photograph "14.4.25" and "Progress Studio 314 Champion St. Bellingham, Wash."