5 Japanese Will Talk on Citizenship (April 23, 1933)

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Seattle Times Collection

The Seattle Daily Times, April 23, 1933, p. 5

April 23, 1933



  • Arai, Clarence
  • Seki, Sada
  • Nogaki, Takeo
  • Nishimura, Sabura
  • Aoki, Jiro
  • Yamashita, Ayako
  • Tanagi, Sayo
  • Yoshitaki, Frank
  • Hisayasu, George
  • Asaba, Kikue
  • Harlin, Robert H.
  • Williams, L.A.
  • Griffiths, Austin E.


Copyright 1933, The Seattle Times. Courtesy of The Seattle Times.

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted