Scrapbook of newspaper clipping

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Kenji Ima Family Collection

Loose scrapbook pages containing newspaper and magazine clipping, a press release, and a speech transcript. Selected article titles: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Seattle Japs return home" (p. 1), "The National Director speaks to residents" (p. 2), "237 Bainbridge Japs leave, head south" (p. 3), "No refunds for japs, says city" (p. 4), "Sad farewells while troops stand by" (p. 4), "Tears, smiles mingle as Japs bid Bainbridge farewell" (p. 4), "Order 'freezes' aliens on coast" (p. 4), Seattle Times: "Evacuation scenes -:- sad farewells" (p. 5), "Tears, smiles mingle as Japs bid Bainbridge farewell" (p. 5), "Bainbridge Island Japanese go south" (p. 6), Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Bainbridge Japs leave" (p. 7), "221 quit homes in first evacuation" (p. 7), "Worthy to bear arms and die but not to grow tomatoes!" (p. 9), "Wise men still look to Bethlehem" (p. 15), "President Roosevelt's promise must be fulfilled!" (p. 17), "A lesson in understanding" (p. 24), Letters to the editor of Bainbridge Review (p. 25), "Army ban revocation 'excites' evacuees who delay decision to return" (p. 26), "Schuyler charges 'smear' as review is hit again: 34 attend 'anti-Jap' meet" (p. 27), "Race and Racism" press release with text of speech (p. 32-41), "Army ships 227 to camps in California" (p. 42), "Steel center on Hokkaido new target" (p. 43), "Florists spurn his flowers, says U.S.-born Japanese" (p. 43), "Our 110,000 New Boarders" (p. 45), Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Frozen money worries Japanese" (p. 49)




Courtesy of Kenji Ima Family Collection, Densho