Manzanar From Inside Out

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CSU Northridge War Relocation Authority Collection

Text of address by Roy Nash, Director of the Manzanar War Relocation Project, given to the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, on July 31, 1942 for the purpose of "interpret[ing] the actuality of a War Relocation Center housing 10,000 evacuees" in view of perceptions of mistreatment of incarcerees in California. Sections of the speech include Housing, with discussion of "aliens and citizens," jobs and skills, health care, food, water, and sanitation; Education; Block Leaders; Law and Order; Military Police; What Freedom at Manzanar, describing incarcerees' rights to publish their own newspaper, to receive news and to send and receive mail, to worship (except for "Shinyoism," which is "barred"), and to engage in community cooperatives; and Manzanar Rumors, in which Nash mentions reports of discontent and distress before stating that incarcerees' morale is generally excellent, as evidenced by displays of American pride and offers of military service. The document also includes a Statement, dated December 7, 1942, by the Negotiation Committee of the Incident of December 6, 1942, describing unrest at Manzanar ("the determined protest of the 10,000 residents in this Center"); a summary of the December 6 incident; a list of questions, with directions that answers be directed to block managers; and illustrations including a map showing the layout of the Manzanar incarceration camp and of Block 14 and architectural drawings of a barrack, an apartment, and the shower and washing facility. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: WRA_02-05_01


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