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Conflicts, intimidation, and violence

World War II (54)
Concentration camps (556)
Conflicts, intimidation, and violence (225)

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Informants / "inu"

225 items
Letter from Tokie Slocum (ddr-densho-67-41)
doc Letter from Tokie Slocum (ddr-densho-67-41)
Letter from Tokie Slocum, Ex-Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, to Major Riorand regarding riots in Manzanar concentration camp, urging for the removal of "seditious" persons of Japanese ancestry from Manzanar.
National Emergency Conference report (ddr-densho-67-15)
doc National Emergency Conference report (ddr-densho-67-15)
Japanese American Citizens League report from a conference addressing internal security in Manzanar concentration camp, California. Report warns of internal strife, danger of pro-Japan groups, reports on judicial system, fire and police protection, and illicit activities. Includes an account of an attack on a Japanese American camp police officer, and description of "gangs" within camp.
doc Memo: "Japanese Relocation Centers, Activities of Inmates" (ddr-densho-67-21)
Memo from District Intelligence Officer D. Dwight Douglas to the Director of Naval Intelligence. Informing the Director of Naval Intelligence of information regarding pro-Japanese activities in camps provided by informants within the camps. Urges stronger action by the Naval Intelligence in reviewing "enemy alien" cases, involvement in camp administration.