Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 17 (April 26, 1957)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1957 Collection

Select article titles: "'Red' smear over Hawaii statehood refuted by CL; anti-Nisei editorial in Oklahoma slammed by senator" (p. 1); "Anti-Japanese bigotry injected by Tulsa editorial fighting Hawaiian statehood" (p. 1); "House surveying Japanese Labor Program in Cal." (p. 1); "1st Nisei 'reported killed' in Korea very healthy, re-enlists for 6 years" (p. 1); "Sponsors seek CL advice at CCDC meet on refugees joining U.S. armed forces" (p. 1); "Two top honors in music won by Pasadena piano virtuoso inside one week" (p. 2); "Illinois assembly acts on four civil rights legislation" (p. 3); "Chinese American Moves into Lily-white Area, Harrassed" (p. 3); "Nisei selected for summer tour of U.N." (p. 3); "Livingston-Merced JACL slates 3 events to mark Yamato Colony founding in 1907" (p. 3); "Southwest L.A. community center idea materializes as three groups in parley" (p. 4); "Promise no punch to be spared at Sansei life panel" (p. 5); "14-year-old Margie Iwasaki of Canada competes in U.S. nat'l AAU swimfest" (p. 6); Nisei bowls 300 twice in series for 858-but in practice" (p. 6); "House votes $220,000 requested for evacuation claims administrative costs" (p. 8); "Seattle Nisei named Washington's best high school student" (p. 8).





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