Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 10 (March 8, 1957)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1957 Collection

Select article titles: "Salt Lake bids for 1958 convention 15th Biennial may be co-sponsored by Mt. Olympus; dates not yet announced" (p. 1); Over $250,000 Awarded for Claims in Jan." (p. 1); "L.A. race relations progress in Look" (p. 1); "Repatriates Denied Right to Sue for Vested Property Return" (p. 1); "Flood Damage Light for Nisei of East Oregon" (p. 1); "Salt Lake JACL honors 18 naturalized Issei citizens in 5th annual testimonial; supreme court justice guest speaker" (p. 2); "Stereotyped 'Yellow Peril' Attitude Blamed for War-time Evacuation" (p. 2); "Salt Lake JACL Hits All-time Record of 400" (p. 3); "Mile-Hi spring carnival set Mar. 23, for community welfare, JACL programs" (p. 3); "New $21,000 Building Planned to Replace Old Pocatello Hall" (p. 4); "Hollywood to install Kawakami president" (p. 4); "Appreciation night for parents staged by Mt. Olympus JACL" (p. 4); "Unusual chapter public relations technique by Cincinnati invites educators, school officials to annual installation" (p. 5); "$1-million bowling facility under Nisei management to open in L.A." (p. 6); "Norm Yabe sets two Skyline swim marks" (p. 6); "Figure-skater loses in wold meet, but wins hearts of U.S. audience" (p. 6); "Placer JACL quits Placer-Nevada semi-pro baseball league, may join Nisei loop" (p. 6); "French Camp CL holds installation" (p. 7); "Helicopter saves pair at sea, Nisei in vain attempt to rescue teenager" (p. 8); "Masaoka renamed to executive committee for return of confiscated war property" (p. 8); "'Lincoln Yamamoto' letter serves as reminder for continuing need of JACL" (p. 8); "Denver clergyman retires; defended rights of evacuees" (p. 8); Detroit teen group pushes '57 program" (p. 8)





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