Sports leagues were important institutions for Japanese Americans growing up on the West Coast. Both boys and girls played basketball, baseball and other sports. The traditional Japanese martial arts of judo and kendo were practiced as well. Baseball became the primary sport for young Japanese Americans who were often prohibited from playing in the white leagues. The highly competitive games in the all-Japanese American leagues built pride and a sense of community.

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Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
img Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
This basketball team was affiliated with the Seattle Buddhist Temple. Front, left to right: Kats Nakayama, Kats Iwamura, Hachiro Matsuzari, Art Suzuki, and unidentified. Back left to right: Yoshito Fujii (manager), Nobie Saito, unidentified, and Jiro Sakano.
National basketball tournament (ddr-densho-114-9)
img National basketball tournament (ddr-densho-114-9)
In the late 1940s, Seattle hosted the National Oriental Basketball Tournament with teams competing from Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Illinois and Vancouver, BC. Games like this one were played at the Seattle University Gymnasium.
Man preparing a camera for a ski trip (ddr-densho-321-311)
img Man preparing a camera for a ski trip (ddr-densho-321-311)
Caption on front: "Phil McCaw." Caption in album: "Fairbanks Alaska."
Photo album (ddr-densho-326-371)
img Photo album (ddr-densho-326-371)
Photos of Matsu Sakagami, friends and baseball teammates travelling in Washington, Oregon and California, Buddhist Community events.
Photo Album (ddr-densho-326-72)
img Photo Album (ddr-densho-326-72)
Photos of Matsu Sakagami and baseball team on trip to Japan, sailing from Vancouver. Including photos of family members in Japan and photos taken aboard ship.