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Beet Topping (ddr-densho-359-1113)
img Beet Topping (ddr-densho-359-1113)
The farmers working on the beer farm in Jamieson, Oregon.
Gorge of the 'Columbia' (ddr-densho-359-351)
img Gorge of the 'Columbia' (ddr-densho-359-351)
A view of the Columbia River from the the Columbia River Highway in Oregon. A postcard from the Cross and Dimmitt Postcard set of Oregon landmarks.
Group poses outside house (ddr-densho-363-59)
img Group poses outside house (ddr-densho-363-59)
Front row: Emi, Alice, Unidentified, Unidentified, June;\nBack row: Jim, Mae, Mr. Kobayashi, Sanomi, Kimi Komoto
Group photograph (ddr-densho-363-57)
img Group photograph (ddr-densho-363-57)
Caption on the bottom of the photograph reads "'45 Vale Oregon". Kimi Komoto is seated in the first row on the far left.
Brothers pose in front of house (ddr-densho-363-65)
img Brothers pose in front of house (ddr-densho-363-65)
Frank Komoto and Fred Kuwahara pose in from of a house in Jamieson, Oregon.
Man poses in front of home (ddr-densho-363-62)
img Man poses in front of home (ddr-densho-363-62)
Frank Komoto poses in front of his home in Vale, Oregon.
Man poses in yard (ddr-densho-363-61)
img Man poses in yard (ddr-densho-363-61)
Frank Komoto poses in the front yard of his home in Vale, Oregon.
Beach (ddr-densho-388-25)
img Beach (ddr-densho-388-25)
Photograph of a rocky shoreline. Caption on photograph: "Bayocean, Ore. Aug 1937"
Large group (ddr-densho-388-1)
img Large group (ddr-densho-388-1)
Photograph of large group of men, women and children gathered on a hops farm. Captions on front of photograph: "Sept 1936" in black ink and "K.Chiquo, Hop Grower Sec-1 1936 No. 14." from the negative. Caption on the back is partially obscured, reads "Sept. 8 193 Chas. Chikuo Ranch, Independence Aug" and stamped in purple ink …
Three people (ddr-densho-388-18)
img Three people (ddr-densho-388-18)
Photograph of three unidentified men standing together in a field with hops visible in the background. Caption on front of photograph: "Sept, 1935" in blue ink. Caption on back of photograph: "Taken Aug-Sept-1935 At Chikuo Hop Ranch Independence Oregon" in black ink.
Chikuo Hop Ranch (ddr-densho-388-2)
img Chikuo Hop Ranch (ddr-densho-388-2)
Photograph of 7 men and a young girl standing on a wooden platform next to a truck loaded tall with bags. Caption on the front of the photograph "Chikuo Hop Ranch Sept. 1936" Caption on the back: "Taken Sept. 8, 1936 at Chikuo Hop Ranch Independence, Aug." and stamped in purple ink "Trover Studio Salem, Oregon"
Family photo (ddr-densho-388-22)
img Family photo (ddr-densho-388-22)
Photograph of a family of four outside a house. Caption on photograph: "1938-July-Banks-Ore."
Four men at the beach (ddr-densho-388-19)
img Four men at the beach (ddr-densho-388-19)
Photograph of four unidentified men standing together on the beach with several houses in the background. Caption on photograph: "At Cannon Beach - Aug - 1939"
The Dalles skyline (ddr-densho-383-71)
img The Dalles skyline (ddr-densho-383-71)
Written on album page below photograph: "The Dalles".
Soldier in the Snow (ddr-csujad-13-26)
img Soldier in the Snow (ddr-csujad-13-26)
A soldier in uniform poses next to a vehicle in the snow. The caption on front of photograph reads, "11/15/42 Cresent [Crescent] Lake Oregon Conklin." See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: tul_01_01_021
Population and ecology (ddr-csujad-26-24)
doc Population and ecology (ddr-csujad-26-24)
Comparison of Tule Lake incarceree population statistics collected by the Division of Housing and Employment to the 1940 US Census statistics of Japanese Americans from California, Oregon and Washington. Examines how expelled communities disbursed at Tule Lake via housing records, age and gender distribution, religious affiliation, and the number of births at Tule Lake up to …
Part IV. Collective adjustments to the relocation center, chapter I: social structure of the community (ddr-csujad-26-5)
doc Part IV. Collective adjustments to the relocation center, chapter I: social structure of the community (ddr-csujad-26-5)
Description of camp social structures including "Caucasian-Japanese relations" highlighting tension and hostility by three groups that most directly involve Japanese Americans and the incarceration: The War Relocation Authority (WRA), the US Army and the American public. Using case - studies, the manuscript examines these relationships and discusses the circumstances of incarceration contributing to differences in social …
Recreation: dances (ddr-csujad-26-22)
doc Recreation: dances (ddr-csujad-26-22)
Report includes case-studies of dances, chronicles specific situations and observations of social interactions between men, women, and between incarcerees from California and the Northwest. Subject headings include: "significance of dances, group characteristics, group ways, sectionalism, the battle against stags, and block 25 dance." Report compiled as a portion of the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study …