Envelope and letter to Dr. Dr. Keizaburo "Kei" Koyama from Teru Koyama

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Dr. Keizaburo Koyama Family Collection

Envelope addressed to Dr. Keizaburo Koyama at Santa Fe Detention Station from his wife, Teru Koyama, at Minidoka. Postmarked Sep 13, 1943. In place of postage, “Internee of War/Free Mail” is written in the upper right corner. Along the top “9/20-43” is written in red pencil. Inside the envelope is a letter dated Sept 12, 1943. At the top of the letter is an "EXAMINED" stamp signed in red ink. In the letter Teru inquires if Kei had his hearing yet, and hopes it will happen before the California hearing board leaves. She writes about a new missionary working in the camp and about attending the English services with the children instead of attending the Japanese services. She tells Kei that she cannot help the Azuma family, and advises that they seek out the WRE legal office. She does not want to create any additional problems for the family by becoming involved in anything outside of church. She writes about a farewell party she is about at attend for those headed to Tule Lake and worries that their children will not sit with her. In the postscript she writes about the party, since it was for the Kibeis it was primarily in Japanese. She discusses her feelings towards Kibeis and the differences between Issei, Kibei, and Nisei.




Japanese American Museum of Oregon

Courtesy of the Koyama Family Collection, Japanese American Museum of Oregon