Oregon Buddhist Church 50th Anniversary Celebration Procession

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Japanese American Museum of Oregon
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ddr-one-1-49 (ONLC 2823)

Frank C. Hirahara Collection

Color slide of procession in front of the US Customs House in Northwest Portland. Women in brightly colored kimonos or yukatas form two lines. Followed by four more women in somber colored kimonos or yukatas. Procession from left to right: Betty Nakashimada, Atsuko "Alice" (Matsumoto) Ando, Jean Matsumoto, Kathleen "Kathie" Haruko (Matsuda) Sato, Aki (Shiraishi) Dong, Shiz (Fujita) Inaba, Shizuko "Shiz" (Ochiai) Ota Okazaki, Sakae Kobayashi, Hanako Terakawa Tamura, and Mrs. Okayama. Crowd from left to right: Sharon or Susie Saito, Fumi (Nunotani) Saito, unidentified, Yoshiko Yasutome, and Mary (Okita) Kasubuchi.



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Japanese American Museum of Oregon; Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Frank C. Hirahara Collection, Japanese American Museum of Oregon