Crossroads VIII, No. 37 (December 23, 1955)

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Crossroads Collection

Selected article titles: “Christmas Greetings” (p. 2), “Crossroads to Somewhere” (p. 3), “Society” (p. 4), “My In-Laws and Senryu” (p. 6), “Tak’s Case” (p. 8-9, 16), “Mondai Wa Akira” (p. 10, 15), “Insurance in Birdies” (p. 11), “The Miyako Trio” (p. 12, 18), “Traditional Holiday Recipes” (p. 14), “Stagettes or The Year is 1949” (p. 17), “A Life Devoted to Future Cooperation” (p. 19), “Here Comes the Smile” (p. 20), “The Christmas Story” (p. 21-22), “Church Notices” (p. 22)

December 23, 1955




Courtesy of Crossroads Collection, Densho

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted