Report and minority views of the Special Committee on Un-American Activities on Japanese War Relocation Centers

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Hibiya Family Collection

A report submitted by John M. Costello to the House of Representatives discussing concerns with the War Relocation Authority's management of the concentration camps.




  • Costello, John M.
  • Eberharter, Herman P.
  • Myer, Dillon S.
  • DeWitt, John
  • Thomas, J. Parnell
  • Empie, Augustus W.
  • Slocum, Tokutaro
  • Chuman, Frank
  • Goto, James M.
  • Iwata, Jack
  • Kashitani, J. A.
  • Kikuchi, Niya
  • Kondo, Choyoi
  • Masaoka, Joe
  • Mori, Chiye
  • Nagatomi, Shingo
  • Ogura, Frederick
  • Tanaka, Togo
  • Watanabe, Walter
  • Yasuda, Frank
  • Onodera, Sho
  • Tashimi, Roy
  • Higashi, Kiyoshi
  • Imai, Tom
  • Itami, Akira Dave
  • Toyama, Mitsuru
  • Nakamura, Tekichi
  • Shirrell, Elmer L.
  • Dies, Martin
  • Starnes, Joe
  • Mason, Noah M.
  • Mundt, Karl E.
  • Nakasuji, Mary
  • War Relocation Authority


Courtesy of the Hibiya Family Collection, Densho