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An Oral History with Norman Y. Mineta - Segment 1 (ddr-csujad-29-55-1)
vh An Oral History with Norman Y. Mineta - Segment 1 (ddr-csujad-29-55-1)
Japanese American congressman, representing the Thirteenth Congressional District of California, born and raised in San Jose, California, discusses his early life, graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, and receiving a commission and serving in the armed forces from 1953-1956. Recalls the removal, "relocation," and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II at the Heart …
Roger Daniels Interview Segment 11 (ddr-densho-1012-17-11)
vh Roger Daniels Interview Segment 11 (ddr-densho-1012-17-11)
The role of the War Relocation Authority in dispersing Japanese Americans after camp (audio only)

This interview is audio-only. It contains raw footage used by Steven Okazaki in his 1985 film Unfinished Business.

This material is based upon work assisted by a grant from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service. Any opinions, finding, …

Citizen's indefinite leave card (ddr-densho-126-4)
doc Citizen's indefinite leave card (ddr-densho-126-4)
A card given by the War Relocation Authority (WRA) to Nisei who were allowed to leave the camps indefinitely for work or school.
Citizen's Indefinite Leave Card (ddr-densho-320-18)
doc Citizen's Indefinite Leave Card (ddr-densho-320-18)
Citizen's Indefinite Leave Card issued to Ronald Seiki Miyasato.
Uniform Straight Bill of Ladings (ddr-densho-324-91)
doc Uniform Straight Bill of Ladings (ddr-densho-324-91)
Travel for Misae Uno Taketa from Tule Lake concentration camps to Vale, Oregon.
Parole memorandum (ddr-densho-314-5)
doc Parole memorandum (ddr-densho-314-5)
This memorandum gives the date that Kazuichi Takanishi was paroled from the Santa Fe Justice Department internment camp. It also states that his address is unknown since a sponsor was not identified for Takanishi before he left camp. He was paroled to Chicago, Illinois.