Four letters to Yuri Domoto from Kaneji Domoto

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Four letters to Yuriko Domoto Tsukada to her brother Kaneji "Kan" Domoto, all stored together in one envelope, unclear if all the letters were mailed together or separately. 4/24 letter: Inquires if his sisters arrived in Boston and telling them about a WRA office in Brooklyn they should check-in to the next time they visit him. 6/22 letter: Kaneji tells about a visit from a mutual friend, inquires about finding work and housing in Boston, and a tells of a trip to see an orchestra in Harlem. 8/7 letter: Kaneji writes to congratulate his sister on finding an apartment in Boston and gives his opinion on if Yuri should get a Master's degree in order to peruse her career based on his own difficultly finding a job without a completed degree. He goes to ask about family and mutual friends. 8/14 letter: Kaneji gives some information about mutual friends, finding a house outside New York City, tries to give some advice about marriage and school. A picture is drawn on the back of the last page. Item tied together with all objects between ddr-densho-356-321 and ddr-densho-356-413. For the correspondence to Kaneji from Yuri, please see the ddr-densho-329.




Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho