Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection


This collection consists of Yuriko Tsukada (nee Domoto)’s photographs, correspondences, personal records, diaries, and Granada (Amache) Camp Administrative Records related to the Social Welfare Department. Photographs in this collection are of the Domoto and Tsukada families before 1941. The correspondences are to Yuriko Tsukada (nee Domoto) from friends and family while she was held in Merced Assembly Center and Granada (Amache) and in the years following her resettlement on the East Coast predominantly between 1942 and 1946. Yuriko Tsukada (nee Domoto) received letters from her husband Richard “Dick” Hiroshi Tsukada when they were dating in 1943 and 1944 when he left Granada (Amache) to find work. Additionally, Richard and Yuri lived apart in 1946 when he moved to New Rochelle, New York and Yuri attended Simmon's College in Boston. Additionally, Yuriko Tsukada (nee Domoto) received letters and artwork from longtime friend, artist Mine Okubo between 1948-1994 and kept several programs from art shows of Mine Okubo's work. To learn more about Mine Okubo see http://encyclopedia.densho.org/Mine_Okubo/ and to see more of her work visit Riverside Community College http://library.rcc.edu/riverside/okubo/ and the Japanese American National Musuem http://www.janm.org/collections/mine-okubo-collection which both hold physical collections of Mine Okubo's work. Yuri Tsukada wrote frequently to her brother Kaneji Domoto, and that correspondence can be found in the Kaneji and Sally (Fujii) Domoto Collection (ddr-densho-329) ddr.densho.org/ddr-densho-329. Yuriko Tsukada's (nee Domoto) diaries date from 1927 through 1943. Her personal records range from accounting books to school reports to personal legal documents to documents and letters related to the Domoto Bro's Nursery that her father, uncle and eldest brother managed; broadly from the 1910s through the 1940s. She also kept meeting minutes from the Committee of Immigrant Serving Agencies from December 1941 to February 1942 and case notes from Japanese Americans seeking assistance following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Administrative Records are from Yuriko Tsukada's (nee Domoto) time as a Social Worker at Granada (Amache) and at Merced Assembly Center. These records include: internal memos regarding office work, blank forms, social welfare worker’s studies, resettlement efforts, family reunification polices, and the transfer of individuals from Tule Lake to Amache.




Courtesy of the Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho

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Wedding Portrait of Teru Domoto (ddr-densho-356-1)
img Wedding Portrait of Teru Domoto (ddr-densho-356-1)
Mounted studio photograph of Teru Domoto in western dress. According to note from donor, it is a wedding photograph. Japanese inscription on back of mounting.
Domoto family home (ddr-densho-356-2)
img Domoto family home (ddr-densho-356-2)
Photograph of single story house surrounded by fields with a two story house in the background. Note from donor identifies the building as the Domoto family home in Oakland, California.
Family photo (ddr-densho-356-3)
img Family photo (ddr-densho-356-3)
Photograph of two adults and eight children, presumable the Domoto family.
Grave side photo (ddr-densho-356-4)
img Grave side photo (ddr-densho-356-4)
Photograph of Domoto family at the family grave site. Teru Domoto visible standing to the left of the large grave stone. Donor note suggests the funeral is presumably for Teru and Kanetero Domoto's youngest daughter Masako Domoto who died in 1918. However, based on the fashion and ages of the children in the photograph it is …
Domoto family photo (ddr-densho-356-5)
img Domoto family photo (ddr-densho-356-5)
Photograph of the Domoto family posed in front of the steps of a house. Possible identification based on dates of birth for Domoto family, left to right back to front row: Kanetero Domoto, Toichi Domoto, Sonoko Domoto, Teru Domoto holding Masako Domoto, Kaneji Domoto, Tokuko Domoto, Wakako Domoto, Emako Domoto, Kaeko Domoto, and Yuriko Domoto seated …
Class Photograph (ddr-densho-356-6)
img Class Photograph (ddr-densho-356-6)
Panaramic photograph of a student body. The front row is holding a banner that reads "Lockwood Jr. Hi."
Graduation photograph of Margaret Saito (ddr-densho-356-7)
img Graduation photograph of Margaret Saito (ddr-densho-356-7)
Graduation photograph of Margaret Saito for Yuriko Domoto Tsukada. Inscribed on mount and photograph: "For dear Yuri/ Sincerely yours, Margaret/ Yatsom"
Letter to Wakako Domoto Stockton State Hospital (ddr-densho-356-10)
img Letter to Wakako Domoto Stockton State Hospital (ddr-densho-356-10)
Letter and receipts to Wakako Domoto from the Stockton State Hospital regarding payments made for sister Emako Domoto stay and acknowledgement of change of address to Merced Assembly Center. Letter stored inside object ddr-densho-356-9.

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