Letter to Yuri Domoto from Sadame Nomi

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Letter to Yuriko Domoto Tsukada from Sadame Nomi in which she describes her bosses, provides both sides to an argument about telling Yoshito Shibata that Yuri is dating Richard "Dick" Tsukada, tells about living arrangements for herself and other Japanese American girls in Denver, Sadame's recent breakup, tells a long story about meeting another Japanese American girl and going on a double date that went poorly, and closes with details of a staff meeting lead by Thomas Halland, Chief of Employment Dic. of the Washington WRA about the goals and hurdles of Resettlement. Item tied together with all objects between ddr-densho-356-321 and ddr-densho-356-413.




  • Tsukada, Yuriko (Domoto)
  • Nomi, Sadame


Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho