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Japanese American gathering (ddr-densho-34-108)
img Japanese American gathering (ddr-densho-34-108)
The Nishinaka sisters and their children gather at the Kitamoto farm.
Four children in a garden (ddr-densho-34-109)
img Four children in a garden (ddr-densho-34-109)
Left to right: Lilly, Frank, and Jane Kitamoto. The child on the right is unidentified.
Family outside home (ddr-densho-34-110)
img Family outside home (ddr-densho-34-110)
Mrs. T. Nishinaka (far right) watches as Mrs. Shigeko Kitamoto gets her children ready for a photograph. Children, left to right: Frances, Jane (in her mother's arms), Lilly and Frank Kitamoto.
Mother and her children in front of their barracks (ddr-densho-34-111)
img Mother and her children in front of their barracks (ddr-densho-34-111)
Shigeko Kitamoto and her children (left to right): Frances, Jane, Frank, and Lilly Kitamoto.
Three men after a fishing trip (ddr-densho-34-112)
img Three men after a fishing trip (ddr-densho-34-112)
Left to right: Ilohlio Narte holding an unidentified child, Felix Narte, and Frank Yoshito Kitamoto holding his daughter, Lilly. Yoshito Frank Kitamoto also went by Frank Yoshito Kitamoto.
Family gathering (ddr-densho-34-113)
img Family gathering (ddr-densho-34-113)
Three generations gather on the steps of the Kitamoto family home.
Strawberry Farm (ddr-densho-34-114)
img Strawberry Farm (ddr-densho-34-114)
This strawberry farm belonged to the Sakai family.
Children on family farm (ddr-densho-34-116)
img Children on family farm (ddr-densho-34-116)
Lilly (left, back) and Frances Kitamoto (right, back) with two unidentified children on their farm.
Three children behind barracks (ddr-densho-34-118)
img Three children behind barracks (ddr-densho-34-118)
Left to right: Frank, Lilly, and Jane Kitamoto behind their barracks at the Minidoka concentration camp.
Stall at the Public Market (ddr-densho-34-123)
img Stall at the Public Market (ddr-densho-34-123)
Two Japanese Americans in front of a stall at the Public Market. The Public Market is also known as the Farmers Market and the Pike Place Market.
Notice of classification (ddr-densho-34-127)
doc Notice of classification (ddr-densho-34-127)
Yoshito Frank Kitamoto was an Issei and therefore considered an "enemy alien." He was required to carry this classification card along with his registration certificate. By law, Issei were not allowed to become naturalized citizens until 1952.
Children playing dress-up (ddr-densho-34-131)
img Children playing dress-up (ddr-densho-34-131)
Frank Kitamoto, right, and a unidentified friend pretending to be cowboys.
Kindergarten school certificate (ddr-densho-34-132)
doc Kindergarten school certificate (ddr-densho-34-132)
As the opportunity arose for families to leave camp, the WRA issued certificates for the most recently completed grade to send to students' future schools. This certificate belonging to Frank Kitamoto was issued by the Stafford School at Minidoka concentration camp
Identification card (ddr-densho-34-133)
img Identification card (ddr-densho-34-133)
The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service issued this identification card after Frank Yoshito Kitamoto became a naturalized citizen of the United States on July 13, 1953.
Annual summary report from nursery school (ddr-densho-34-135)
doc Annual summary report from nursery school (ddr-densho-34-135)
The nursery school at Minidoka concentration camp issued annual summary reports for its students. This report is for Y. (Frank) Kitamoto.
Woman holding historic photo (ddr-densho-34-137)
img Woman holding historic photo (ddr-densho-34-137)
Fifty years later, Shigeko Kitamoto holds a picture that was taken of her children and herself on March 30, 1942 as they were waiting to board a special ferry to Seattle during the exclusion of Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island, Washington. The children in the photo are from left to right: Jane, Frances and Frank Kitamoto.
U.S. citizen identification card (ddr-densho-34-139)
doc U.S. citizen identification card (ddr-densho-34-139)
This card belonged to Frank Yoshito Kitamoto, who became a naturalized citizen in 1953.

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