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Saying goodbye to dog during mass removal (ddr-densho-34-53)
img Saying goodbye to dog during mass removal (ddr-densho-34-53)
Mr. and Mrs. Moji (inside truck) with their dog King. The Mojis had to leave King behind during mass removal since pets were not allowed in the concentration camps.
Japanese American butcher (ddr-densho-34-54)
img Japanese American butcher (ddr-densho-34-54)
The Nakata family owned and operated the Eagle Harbor Meat Market in Winslow on Bainbridge Island. Mo Nakata worked at the market before and after World War II.
Nisei students meeting with principal (ddr-densho-34-57)
img Nisei students meeting with principal (ddr-densho-34-57)
Three Nisei students meet with the high school principal prior to the exclusion of the Japanese American community from Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Issei holding U.S. war bonds (ddr-densho-34-58)
img Issei holding U.S. war bonds (ddr-densho-34-58)
Issei Mrs. S. Sakai holds United States war bonds prior to the exclusion of the Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island. Mrs. Sakai is standing in front of her Buddhist shrine which she had to leave behind because it was too big to take to camp.
Military Intelligence Service (ddr-densho-34-60)
img Military Intelligence Service (ddr-densho-34-60)
Toshio Chihara (middle row, third from left) graduated with his class at the Military Intelligence Service School at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.
Meat market (ddr-densho-34-61)
img Meat market (ddr-densho-34-61)
Mrs. Tom Omura (second from left) and Mr. Tom Omura, holding one-year-old Masaaki (John) Nakata, in front of the meat market and restaurant along Winslow Way East on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The identity of the person on the left is unknown.
Opening day of the Eagle Harbor Meat Market (ddr-densho-34-62)
img Opening day of the Eagle Harbor Meat Market (ddr-densho-34-62)
The Eagle Harbor Meat Market was located on Winslow Way on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Berry Association Committee building (ddr-densho-34-64)
img Berry Association Committee building (ddr-densho-34-64)
Mr. Geo T. Masukawa and his dog in front of the building where the Berry Association Committee met. The berry cannery would later occupy this site.
Gathering seaweed on the beach (ddr-densho-34-65)
img Gathering seaweed on the beach (ddr-densho-34-65)
Families harvest fresh seaweed for sushi at Pleasant Beach during a social gathering. An unknown game is in progress.
Berry cannery (ddr-densho-34-67)
img Berry cannery (ddr-densho-34-67)
These barrels of strawberries are about to be loaded for shipment to Seattle.
Pleasant Beach Gardens (ddr-densho-34-68)
img Pleasant Beach Gardens (ddr-densho-34-68)
Pleasant Beach Gardens was operated by the Furuta family.
Port Blakely sawmill (ddr-densho-34-69)
img Port Blakely sawmill (ddr-densho-34-69)
This sawmill employed many Issei during the early 1900s. Port Blakely is located on the southeast end of Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-70)
img Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-70)
This strawberry farm was operated by the Moritani family from Rolling Bay, Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Fourth of July parade (ddr-densho-34-71)
img Fourth of July parade (ddr-densho-34-71)
Zenmatsu Seko drives the Bainbridge Gardens truck, which has been decorated for the Fourth of July parade. The truck was one of the first on the island.
Judo team (ddr-densho-34-73)
img Judo team (ddr-densho-34-73)
Top row, left to right: Ichiro Nagatani, Arthur Koura. Middle row, left to right: Noboru Koura, Akira Shibukawa, Momoru Shibukawa. Bottom row, left to right: Tairoku Nishimori, Akira Sakuma, Kiyo Nagatani, Henry Ogawa.
Japanese Americans on a bridge (ddr-densho-34-74)
img Japanese Americans on a bridge (ddr-densho-34-74)
Shigeko Kitamoto, Felix Narte, Cion Narte, Jane Kitamoto, Natalie Hayashida and Fumiko Hayashida at the opening of the Agate Pass Bridge.
Winslow basketball team (ddr-densho-34-75)
img Winslow basketball team (ddr-densho-34-75)
Sam Nakao stands in the back row, second from left.
Reverend's birthday celebration (ddr-densho-34-76)
img Reverend's birthday celebration (ddr-densho-34-76)
Reverend Hirakawa's birthday celebration at the Winslow Baptist Church. Left to right: Mr. Shibayama, Reverend Hirakawa, Mr. Amatatsu, Tomi Hayashida and Lilly Kitamoto.
Social gathering (ddr-densho-34-77)
img Social gathering (ddr-densho-34-77)
Social gathering outside the Buddhist Church on Fletcher's Bay. Left to right: Mrs. Tanigui, Mr. Torazo Nakao, Santhro Yoshida, Mrs. Yamashita, Mrs. Umeno Yoshida, Mrs. Tsue Nishimori, Mrs. Masa Omoto, Mrs. Harui, Mrs. Hayano Moritani, Mrs. Masaye Furukawa, Mrs. Koura, Mrs. Matsushita, Mrs. Ogawa, Mr. Hedematsu Furukawa, Rev. Ichikawa, Mr. Harui, Mrs. Suyematsu, Mr. Nishimori, Mrs. …
Issei couple (ddr-densho-34-78)
img Issei couple (ddr-densho-34-78)
Issei couple Mr. and Mrs. Torazo Nakao, immigrated to the United States in 1900.
Courier League baseball team (ddr-densho-34-79)
img Courier League baseball team (ddr-densho-34-79)
The Bainbridge Courier Class A baseball champions for 1939. Back row, left to right: Mac Hamamura, Mo Nakata, Sam Nakao, Nobuichi Moritani, George Okazaki, Bill Okazaki, Taketo Omoto. Center row, left to right: Seiji Okazaki, Nabo Okazaki, Nob Oyama, Shig Furuta, Ichiro Nagatani. Front row, left to right: Kiyo Nagatani, Ken Nakata.

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