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Mass removal (ddr-densho-34-80)
img Mass removal (ddr-densho-34-80)
Kikuyo (back left) and Henry Takayoshi wait at the Eagledale ferry dock with their children (left to right), Shizue, Mieko, Kiyo, and Takoto. In the background are (left to right): Lilly Kojima, Takiko Kojima, Iku Amatatsu and Kuniko Chihara. A special ferry transported them from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.
Family in front of their home (ddr-densho-34-81)
img Family in front of their home (ddr-densho-34-81)
This is the Nakata family. Left to right: Mo, Masaaki (John), unidentified, Jitsuzo (father), Shima (mother), Gerald, Yoshi, Shigeko and Sadako.
Japanese American picnic (ddr-densho-34-82)
img Japanese American picnic (ddr-densho-34-82)
A community picnic at the Foster Pavilion at Fletchers Bay, Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Port Blakely sawmill (ddr-densho-34-84)
img Port Blakely sawmill (ddr-densho-34-84)
Torazo "Slab Harry" Nakao (in the white hat) and his co-workers at the Port Blakely sawmill on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Port Blakely is located on the southeast end of Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Sunday school class (ddr-densho-34-85)
img Sunday school class (ddr-densho-34-85)
Sunday school class at the Japanese Baptist Mission in Yama, a village in Port Blakely, Washington.
Issei couple (ddr-densho-34-86)
img Issei couple (ddr-densho-34-86)
Issei couple Mr. and Mrs. Jitsuzo "John" Nakata.
Ceremony at the Seattle Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-34-87)
img Ceremony at the Seattle Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-34-87)
Left to right: Tomi Hayashida, Shimako Nishimori, Michi Shibayama, Mae Terayama, and Kiyo Takayoshi.
Wedding reception (ddr-densho-34-88)
img Wedding reception (ddr-densho-34-88)
This wedding reception was for Hisa and Jim Matsudaira. Left to right: Mr. Kusako, Rob Nakata, Sets Omoto, Yuki Omoto, Fusako Horishige, Pauline Nakata, Alice Okano and Mrs. Shigeko Kitamoto (seated).
Japanese Hall (ddr-densho-34-89)
img Japanese Hall (ddr-densho-34-89)
Members of the Japanese American community on Bainbridge Island, Washington, pose outside the Japanese Hall on Grow Avenue.
Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-90)
img Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-90)
Mr. C. Neely (left) of R.D. Bodle Co., Seattle, Washington, and Mr. H. O. Koura inspect fruit in Mr. Koura's strawberry field. This area is now the site of the Island Village Shopping Center.
Berry cannery (ddr-densho-34-91)
img Berry cannery (ddr-densho-34-91)
This berry cannery was located at the end of Weaver Road on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Front (left to right): J. Nakata, S. Moritani, O. Koura, I. Hayashida, Mr. Masukawa, S. Sakai, Mrs. Moritani, and T. Moritani. Back: Nels Christensen, unidentified, and Mr. Matsumoto. The La Blanca is at the dock, ready to be loaded with berries …
Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-92)
img Strawberry farm (ddr-densho-34-92)
This strawberry farm belonged to the Moritani family.
Women and children outside a home (ddr-densho-34-95)
img Women and children outside a home (ddr-densho-34-95)
Mrs. Shigeko Kitamoto and her daughters, Lilly and Frances. The friend is unidentified.
Family outside home (ddr-densho-34-96)
img Family outside home (ddr-densho-34-96)
Mrs. T. Nishinaka with daughter, Mrs. Shigeko Kitamoto and grandchildren Lilly, Frances, Frank and Jane.
Woman with grandchildren (ddr-densho-34-99)
img Woman with grandchildren (ddr-densho-34-99)
Mrs. T. Nishinaka holds her grandson Frank Kitamoto.
Family members outside home (ddr-densho-34-104)
img Family members outside home (ddr-densho-34-104)
Mrs. Shigeko Kitamoto with her children, nieces, and nephew.

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