Nisei Vue Vol. 1 No. 2 (Summer, 1948)

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Scene and Nisei Vue Collection

Selected article titles: "Fukui Earthquake" (p. 5), "Canada Story" (p. 9), "Kawakita Case" (p. 13), United Veterans of Fresno (p. 16), Vanport Flood (p. 19), Good News from Washington (p. 21), The Unified Nisei Vote (p. 22), The Jacl Queen Contest (p. 23), Lilli Ann Oka (p. 28), Nisei Heroes Buried at Oka (p. 30), Care (p. 32), A Sarong (p. 33), Cool Ideas (p. 34), The Nisei Come of Age (p. 36), Nisei in the News (p. 38), Nisei Vue Goes Fishing in Colorado (p. 41).

Summer, 1948




Courtesy of the Scene and Nisei Vue Collection, Densho

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Copyright restricted