Portraits of elderly couple

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Matsumoto Collection

Roy Matsumoto's paternal grandparents. Roy's paternal grandfather, Wakamatsu, was the youngest son of the Matsumoto family. He married his sweetheart and came to Kauai, HI, as a government contract laborer to work in the sugar cane fields. Upon completion of the contract, he came to the mainland United States, leased land in southern California, and operated a truck farm. His relatives and other villagers from Hiroshima came to work at his farm. Upon his early retirement, he returned to Hiroshima, Japan, and Roy's mother Tei took over the farm. Roy's paternal grandmother Haru came from the Motoyama Clan of Hiroshima. She went to Hawaii with her husband, Wakamatsu. Upon his departure from Hawaii to the mainland United States, she returned to Japan with her children (Roy's uncle Frank and Aunt Masayo, both born in Kauai, HI). Many years later, her husband Wakamatsu rejoined her in Hiroshima. They were born in Keio Era (1860s) and peacefully passed away when the war ended in 1945.



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Courtesy of the Matsumoto Family Collection

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