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The Matsumoto collection consists of photographs from the personal family collection of Ranger Roy H. Matsumoto, who was interviewed by Densho in 2003. Mr. Matsumoto was one of the famed Merrill's Marauders, and the photographs depict aspects of his life from his childhood in California through his induction into the Ranger Hall of Fame.



39 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Matsumoto Family Collection

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Baby photo (ddr-densho-107-1)
img Baby photo (ddr-densho-107-1)
This photo was taken at the Akagawa Studio in Los Angeles, California. At the time the photo was taken, Roy Matsumoto was about three and a half months old. A copy of the photo was made at the Hiroshima Studio on March 12, 1931.
Two children with their pets (ddr-densho-107-2)
img Two children with their pets (ddr-densho-107-2)
Left to right: Takeshi Matsumoto and Roy Hiroshi Matsumoto. Takeshi is teasing the family cat as Roy and family dog look on.
Japanese Americans driving a team of horses (ddr-densho-107-3)
img Japanese Americans driving a team of horses (ddr-densho-107-3)
Left to right: Mr. Zaimoku, Roy Matsumoto, Takeshi Matsumoto and Mrs. Zaimoku. Mr. Zaimoku came from the same village as Roy's grandfather Wakamatsu Matsumoto in Hiroshima, Japan.
Two children playing with a toy (ddr-densho-107-4)
img Two children playing with a toy (ddr-densho-107-4)
Caption on back of photo reads: Hiro-bo (Hiroshi) and Take-bo (Takeshi) playing with a toy fire engine.
Family harvesting onions (ddr-densho-107-5)
img Family harvesting onions (ddr-densho-107-5)
Left to right: Heisaku Nakatani (farm hand who came to the U.S. from the same village as Roy's grandfather, Wakamatsu Matsumoto, in Hiroshima, Japan), Roy, Takeshi, and Roy's mother, Tei Matsumoto.
Family photograph (ddr-densho-107-6)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-107-6)
Front row (L to R): Roy, Takeshi. Middle row (L to R): Frank Matsumoto (Roy's uncle), Aunty Kitahara (Grandfather's cousin) on her lap, Tsutomu (Tom), Mrs. Muranaka. Back row (L to R): Tei Matsumoto (Roy's mother), Yasaku Muranaka (Roy's Grandfather's half brother).
Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
img Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
Left to right: Second son, Tak (Takeshi), third son, Tom (Tsutomu), and first son, Roy (Hiroshi).
Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-8)
img Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-8)
Front row (L to R): Takeshi, Roy, Uncle Frank Matsumoto. Back row (L to R): unknown, Mr. Nakatani, unknown, Roy's grandfather Wakamatsu Matsumoto, Mrs. Kitahara, unknown, Mrs. Muranaka, unknown, Tom (baby) held by Roy's mother, Tei Matsumoto. This picture was taken by Roy's father, Wakaji, when Roy's grandfather left for Japan to retire.
Japanese American special agent (ddr-densho-107-9)
img Japanese American special agent (ddr-densho-107-9)
When this photo was taken, Roy Matsumoto was a special agent for the 441st CIC Det. GHQ Allied Forces, Japan. He is in Korakuen Park, Koishigawa, Tokyo, Japan. The photo was taken by Mrs. Motoko Manabe, who was the wife of Mr. Ryoichi Manabe, former Japanese Consul General at Hankow, China.
Uncle and nephew making a snowman (ddr-densho-107-10)
img Uncle and nephew making a snowman (ddr-densho-107-10)
Roy Matsumoto (standing) making a snowman with Uncle Frank Matsumoto. Snow was a rare occasion in southern California.

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