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Portraits of Issei couple (ddr-densho-107-30)
img Portraits of Issei couple (ddr-densho-107-30)
Roy Matsumoto's mother, Tei Matsumoto, was the youngest daughter of a samurai, Shinjiro Kimura. Her elder brother, Koichi Kimura was Wakaji Matsumoto's (Roy's father's) classmate in school, and a second cousin. Tei managed the Matsumoto farm after Wakamatsu (Roy's grandfather) retired to Japan. Before WWII started, she went to Hiroshima, Japan, with her family. She escaped …
Portraits of elderly couple (ddr-densho-107-29)
img Portraits of elderly couple (ddr-densho-107-29)
Roy Matsumoto's paternal grandparents. Roy's paternal grandfather, Wakamatsu, was the youngest son of the Matsumoto family. He married his sweetheart and came to Kauai, HI, as a government contract laborer to work in the sugar cane fields. Upon completion of the contract, he came to the mainland United States, leased land in southern California, and operated …