Memory of evacuation

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ddr-csujad-48-20 (CSUJAD Local ID: ecm_wells_0020, CSUJAD Project ID: ecm_wells_0020)

Eastern California Museum Harry Bentley Wells and Shirley Elizabeth Wells Collection

Assignment by Henry Haruda for period VIII World Geography and History class taught by Mr. Harry Bentley Wells, a teacher at Manzanar High School. Henry recounts needing to leave his dog Scrappy behind when his family left Los Angeles. He tells a story of Scrappy stealing bacon from the grocery store and getting into the neighbor's chickens. The day before the forced evacuation he had to give the dog to a neighbor, and he thinks of his dog constantly. Transcription is found in item: ecm_wells_9020. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ecm_wells_0020


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