George Naohara's handwritten note

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CSU Dominguez Hills George and Mitzi Naohara Papers

Handwritten note from "George Naohara photo album" (csudh_nao_0001), page 15. George Nobuo Naohara details his experience after moving from Idaho to Utah. He was a farm labor for sugar beets farm at Norman Johnson in Utah but was working in a hotel as a dish washer during the winter. He and his friend, Tadashi Sakaida, visited Tadashi's girlfriend, Kimiko Hiratsuka, who resided in Colorado. However Kimiko's parents did not approve their relationship because of the family origins: The Hiratsuka family was originated from a Samurai family while Tadashi was from a peasant family. Tadashi was heartbroken and decided to return to the Manznar camp in California to join his family while George moved to the Jerome camp in Arkansas. Due to the closure of the Jerome camp, George was transferred to Tule Lake in California, with his friend, Atsushi Art Ishida. During his stay in the Tule Lake, Japan surrendered the war. He signed up for the leave for Chicago with Atsushi Art Ishida and found a job at International Harvest Co. which manufactured the parts of farm tractors. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: nao_01_015

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