Letter from Henry [Katsumi] Fujita to Mr. and Mrs. Davis, October 5, 1942

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ddr-csujad-23-14 (CSUJAD Local ID: lp028-08-014, CSUJAD Project ID: ssu_lp_0014)

Sonoma State Gaye LeBaron Collection

Describes in detail the long train ride from Sept. 15-18 between Merced and the Granada (Amache) incarceration camp: the layout of the train cars, times to different towns, tunnels and coal smoke, eating and sleeping arrangements, military troops and equipment staged along the railway, desert scenery, late arrival at Amache, an extra night aboard the train, moving into their barracks, their first bath/shower in 4 days, layout of the camp, barrack construction, mess halls, laundry shower-toilet bldgs., apt. furnishings, building furniture from lumber pile for the future high school, and personal items that the Davis's were taking care of for the Fujitas back in Petaluma. Unfortunately, the 2 hand-drawn maps of Amache that Henry Fujita refers to are missing along with many other letters like this that Henry Fujita narrated while his wife, Ann Fujita, typed. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: lp028-08-014




Sonoma State University Library, Rohnert Park, California

Gaye LeBaron collection. Sonoma State University Library

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