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Japanese Language Class students (ddr-densho-134-21)
img Japanese Language Class students (ddr-densho-134-21)
These students are dressed up for a presentation at North Seattle's Japanese Language Class. This class was the first organized activity for children of the early North Seattle Issei immigrants. Classes were first given at a private residence and then moved to the Community Hall, located at North 100th and Corliss Avenue. Back row (L to ...
Dye works storefront (ddr-densho-130-2)
img Dye works storefront (ddr-densho-130-2)
The M & M Dye Works was located at North 42nd and Fremont Avenue in Seattle, Washington. The Japanese American owners lived behind and above the shop.
Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-130-1)
img Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-130-1)
Members of the Green Lake Seinenkai (young people's club), a social club primarily for Nisei in their teens and twenties. This club organized athletic, cultural, and social activities such as formal dances (pictured here). Back row (L to R): Kiyoshi Tada, Makoto Sasaki, Shuichi Abe, Eddie Kanno. Middle row (L to R): Nobi Yamada, Sumio Mochizuki, ...
Junction Produce Co. (ddr-densho-131-1)
img Junction Produce Co. (ddr-densho-131-1)
This Issei-run produce store was located at the intersection of Bothell Way and 10th Avenue NE in Seattle, Washington.
Baseball team (ddr-densho-136-34)
img Baseball team (ddr-densho-136-34)
Green Lake Baseball players sitting on the bench during a game.
Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
img Nun and children outside of building (Maryknoll) (ddr-densho-330-27)
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