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Inside of Mitsuwado (ddr-densho-353-68)
img Inside of Mitsuwado (ddr-densho-353-68)
Mitsuwado was a large bookstore on Main Street.
Nippon Fireworks Company (ddr-densho-353-135)
img Nippon Fireworks Company (ddr-densho-353-135)
A note on the back identifies Mr. Endo as the third to the right.
The Bellevue Kokaido (ddr-densho-353-325)
img The Bellevue Kokaido (ddr-densho-353-325)
Captioned: "The Bellevue Kokaido (community hall) is dedicated by a crowd of well-wishers."
Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira (ddr-densho-330-304)
doc Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira (ddr-densho-330-304)
Three page document titled "Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira"
Priest, nuns and women in front of fireplace (ddr-densho-330-47)
img Priest, nuns and women in front of fireplace (ddr-densho-330-47)
Caption on slide says: 1/19/38 Mothers Club intertains Mrs Yamada Contributor to Japanese Magazine for Women
Priest sitting (ddr-densho-330-64)
img Priest sitting (ddr-densho-330-64)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption above photo says: Fr. Haggerty. Caption bellow photo says: Pastor