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Social and recreational activities

Japanese Americans found ways to fill the long days created by the enforced idleness of camp life. They made jewelry from shells found in the desert, built furniture for their rooms using scrap lumber and renovated the exteriors of their barracks. People also played cards, chess, checkers, mahjongg, and the Japanese games 'go' and 'shogi.' Camp inmates held dances, concerts, plays, and arts and crafts exhibitions. In Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho, they even held a beauty contest to select the "Sweetheart of Minidoka."

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Mitsuko Hashiguchi Segment 59 (ddr-densho-1000-12-59)
vh Mitsuko Hashiguchi Segment 59 (ddr-densho-1000-12-59)
Cultural and social activities at Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho
Nancy K. Araki Interview Segment 18 (ddr-densho-1000-305-18)
vh Nancy K. Araki Interview Segment 18 (ddr-densho-1000-305-18)
Recreational activities in camp

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Kay Matsuoka Segment 29 (ddr-densho-1000-48-29)
vh Kay Matsuoka Segment 29 (ddr-densho-1000-48-29)
Teaching children Japanese dancing and singing to entertain the Issei in camp
Hal Keimi Segment 10 (ddr-densho-1000-458-10)
vh Hal Keimi Segment 10 (ddr-densho-1000-458-10)
Joining the Boy Scouts in camp, going on a trip to Yellowstone
Frank Yamasaki Interview I Segment 20 (ddr-densho-1000-107-20)
vh Frank Yamasaki Interview I Segment 20 (ddr-densho-1000-107-20)
Community life in Minidoka concentration camp: bands, sumo, Japanese crafts, and other activities