Social and recreational activities

Japanese Americans found ways to fill the long days created by the enforced idleness of camp life. They made jewelry from shells found in the desert, built furniture for their rooms using scrap lumber and renovated the exteriors of their barracks. People also played cards, chess, checkers, mahjongg, and the Japanese games 'go' and 'shogi.' Camp inmates held dances, concerts, plays, and arts and crafts exhibitions. In Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho, they even held a beauty contest to select the "Sweetheart of Minidoka."

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The Minidoka swimming hole (ddr-fom-1-905)
img The Minidoka swimming hole (ddr-fom-1-905)
WRA caption on reverse: "Swimming hole located south of warehouse are adjacent to the North Side Irrigation Canal which may be seen at upper right. Water flows from canal into pool and back out again. The average depth of pool is 6 feet."
Koto and shamisen performance (ddr-fom-1-50)
img Koto and shamisen performance (ddr-fom-1-50)
Two women playing koto and two women playing shamisen.
Customer trying on ice skates at the Block 30 Community Store (ddr-fom-1-874)
img Customer trying on ice skates at the Block 30 Community Store (ddr-fom-1-874)
WRA caption on reverse: "Selling skates in community store in block 30." Left to right: Betty Yasunobu, Nellie Arai.
Sweetheart Beauty Pageant winners (ddr-densho-10-5)
img Sweetheart Beauty Pageant winners (ddr-densho-10-5)
Finalists in the Minidoka concentration camp Sweetheart Beauty Pageant surround the winner. Left to right: Barbara Kurimura, Pauline Tamiyasu, Chizuko Hayashi, Kimi Takatsuka, Noble Kodama, Pearl Hirata, and Fumi Kinoshita. The Sweetheart Beauty Pageant began in the winter of 1943. The contest was designed to lighten the mood of the camp. Each block, or camp division, …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 81, No. 19 (November 7, 1975) (ddr-pc-47-44)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 81, No. 19 (November 7, 1975) (ddr-pc-47-44)
Selected article titles: "Inouye, Mineta Questioning Big Government Spending" (pp. 1, 3), "JACL Gets $75,000 Catholic Grant" (pp. 1-2), "E.O. 9066 Reparations Poll in Favor of Payment to Evacuees" (p. 1), "Poston Indians Welcome Pilgrimage" (p. 5), and "Dances in Camp" (p. 5).