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The Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) was created on July 30, 1980 by an act of Congress. Formed mainly to investigate matters surrounding the incarceration and to recommend appropriate remedies, the CWRIC had no power to correct grievances and was viewed as a "copout" by those fighting for more immediate redress. Still, hearings were conducted in 20 cities across the nation beginning in 1981, and in 1982 the CWRIC issued its report 'Personal Justice Denied.' It was an exhaustive work that combined the testimonies of former camp inmates given at the hearings and research conducted by a team led by Aiko Yoshinaga Herzig. Ultimately, the CWRIC recommended, among other things, $20,000 individual compensation to those incarcerated and a formal government apology. This recommendation would be the basis for the many redress bills that were to follow. *See the CWRIC collection under photos/documents for examples of the documents found by CWRIC researchers.

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