Portraits of Issei couple

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Matsumoto Collection

Roy Matsumoto's mother, Tei Matsumoto, was the youngest daughter of a samurai, Shinjiro Kimura. Her elder brother, Koichi Kimura was Wakaji Matsumoto's (Roy's father's) classmate in school, and a second cousin. Tei managed the Matsumoto farm after Wakamatsu (Roy's grandfather) retired to Japan. Before WWII started, she went to Hiroshima, Japan, with her family. She escaped the atomic bomb by a few months when they evacuated to Jigozen, a few miles from Hiroshima. Tei has been recognized as a woman pioneer by the Governor of Hiroshima and the Mayor of the City of Hatsukaichi. She passed away peacefully at 102 1/2 years old. Roy's father Wakaji Matsumoto was a farmer turned professional photographer. As soon as his father, Wakamatsu, retired to Japan, Wakaji went to San Diego to study photography. He worked with well-known photographer Toyo Miyake of Los Angeles, CA. Before the war broke out.



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  • Matsumoto, Tei


Courtesy of the Matsumoto Family Collection

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