Yone Bartholomew Interview I Segment 2

Family background (ddr-densho-1000-4-1) - 00:01:48
Fostered out: becoming part of the Utsunomiya-Yamada family (ddr-densho-1000-4-2) - 00:02:05
Parents' background in Japan (ddr-densho-1000-4-3) - 00:01:38
Siblings left behind in Japan; becoming part of the Utsunomiya-Yamada family (ddr-densho-1000-4-4) - 00:00:55
Description of foster family (ddr-densho-1000-4-5) - 00:03:59
Being "fostered" to another family: remaining close to birth parents (ddr-densho-1000-4-6) - 00:03:24
Remaining close to birth parents while becoming part of a large extended family (ddr-densho-1000-4-7) - 00:04:42
Learning to speak proper Japanese (ddr-densho-1000-4-8) - 00:02:47
Mother's values: respect everyone around you (ddr-densho-1000-4-9) - 00:04:20
Meeting future husband, Clarence Arai (ddr-densho-1000-4-10) - 00:02:45
Attending church (ddr-densho-1000-4-11) - 00:01:35
Prewar community groups: celebrations (ddr-densho-1000-4-12) - 00:01:02
(ddr-densho-1000-4-13) - 00:00:54
Choosing an American name (ddr-densho-1000-4-14) - 00:01:11
Life on a farm; a happy, carefree childhood (ddr-densho-1000-4-15) - 00:04:00
Taking care of animals and thinking of them as pets while growing up on a farm (ddr-densho-1000-4-16) - 00:03:57
Learning to drive at age eight or nine while growing up on a farm (ddr-densho-1000-4-17) - 00:02:17
Attending Japanese language school and speaking Japanese at home (ddr-densho-1000-4-18) - 00:02:28
Being the only Japanese American in elementary and high schools (ddr-densho-1000-4-19) - 00:01:34
Attending school with students of diverse backgrounds (ddr-densho-1000-4-20) - 00:03:14
(ddr-densho-1000-4-21) - 00:01:26
Early interest in art (ddr-densho-1000-4-22) - 00:02:54
Studying art at the Santa Barbara Normal school (ddr-densho-1000-4-23) - 00:02:15
Learning how to whistle and performing for others (ddr-densho-1000-4-24) - 00:04:30
Performing as a whistler, considering pursuing it as a career (ddr-densho-1000-4-25) - 00:03:22
Earning a trip to Japan by collecting newspaper subscriptions (ddr-densho-1000-4-26) - 00:03:19
Experiences in Japan, prewar (ddr-densho-1000-4-27) - 00:03:41
Family expectations of marriage (ddr-densho-1000-4-28) - 00:03:02
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ddr-densho-1000-4-2 (Legacy UID: denshovh-byone-01-0002)

Fostered out: becoming part of the Utsunomiya-Yamada family

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May 1, 1998

Densho Visual History Collection


Courtesy of Densho


Yone Bartholomew

Yone Bartholomew Interview I

01:15:39 — 28 segments

May 1, 1998

Seattle, Washington

Nisei female. Born July 15, 1906, in Bedderavia, California. Was given for adoption by her parents to a couple who could not have children of their own. Grew up on a family farm and was one of the oldest Nisei in the Santa Barbara area of California. Incarcerated at the Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington, and Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. Widow of Clarence Arai, lawyer and key figure in founding of the Japanese American Citizens League. In her interview, discusses childhood and memories of being married to Clarence during the turbulent war years. After the war, supported the family and cared for the ailing Clarence until his death in 1964. Remarried to George Bartholomew in 1978.

Tracy Lai, interviewer; Matt Emery, videographer


Courtesy of Densho