Pacific Citizen, Vol. 42, No. 10 (March 9, 1956)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1956 Collection

Selected article titles: "Lane-Hillings Evacuation Claims Bill Unanimously Passed by House" (p. 1), "Asia Reds keep up discrimination tales" (p. 1), "JACL Asks FBI Hunt 'Lincoln Yamamoto'" (p. 1), "Bob Sakata honored Colorado's young farmer of year" (p. 2), "Oregon governor praises Japanese Americans, say 'no group has better earned' right to citizenship at Snake River CL fete" (p. 3), "Idaho Fall JACLer honored as outstanding farmer of year" (p. 5), "442nd regimental patch to be worn by Reservists" (p. 8), "Real Nisei hero -- Miyamura -- writes in defense of Japanese Americans" (p. 8).

March 9, 1956



Pacific Citizen

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