Letter written on behalf of Keizaburo Koyama by Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Goodenough. Page 3 of 4.

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Oregon Nikkei Endowment
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Dr. Keizaburo Koyama Family Collection

Photocopy of a declassified letter written to Dr. William G. Everson, President of Linnfield College in McMinneville, Oregon and Chairman of the Alien Enemy Hearing Board by Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Goodenough. This is the third page of a four-part letter. Mrs. Goodenough notes that per the morning newspaper, the Examining Board for Dr. Koyama's hearing leaves for Missoula, Montana on January 31st and that a relative or friend may be present. She asks if Dr. Koyama's wife could attend of if she herself could. She states that it would be difficult to leave her husband's side, but she would make the trip on Dr. Koyama's behalf if the board felt it would help his case. She emphasizes her and her husband's status as Americans and complete belief in Dr. Koyama's innocence, but would suspend their efforts on his behalf should he be found guilty. Mrs. Goodenough asks for the board's favor and to review a written statement signed by other American citizens on behalf of Dr. Koyama.

January 21, 1942



  • Nichols, Alice
  • Dr. Koyama
  • Biddle, Francis

Oregon Nikkei Endowment; Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Dr. Keizaburo Koyama Family Collection, Oregon Nikkei Endowment