Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Japanese" Collection

Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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This collection consists of photographs and newspaper clippings under the original "Japanese" section of the Nippu Jiji photograph library. The materials in the "Japanese" Collection document Japanese figures and events, primarily in the 1930s and 1940s.



~ 5000 black and white photographic prints and newspaper clippings

Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation

Courtesy of the Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation

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Copyright restricted

2889 Objects

Photograph and article (ddr-njpa-4-2)
img Photograph and article (ddr-njpa-4-2)
Caption on reverse [translation]: "The Man Who Shoulders Our Cotton Industry - Fusajiro Abe. The textiles Industry in the nation faces challenging era. Recent trade talks including Shimura meeting and Japan and Dutch East Indies meetings have been focusing on extremely low and exclusion of our cotton products. Serving as the director of the two textiles …
Japanese acting troupe posing with Nichibei Kinema banner (ddr-njpa-4-7)
img Japanese acting troupe posing with Nichibei Kinema banner (ddr-njpa-4-7)
Caption on reverse: "GALAXY OF JAPANESE STARS ARRIVE: These luminaries of the Japanese stage and screen arrived by Pan American stratocruiser this morning to present a show at McKinley auditorium from September 7 through 10. Standing, left to right: Kimiko Mizumachi, Otome Arakawa, Nijiko Kiyokawa, Ranko Edogawa and Teruko Ohmi. Sitting, left to right: Masaichi Shirakawa, …
Haguroyama, a sumo wrestler (ddr-njpa-4-8)
img Haguroyama, a sumo wrestler (ddr-njpa-4-8)
Caption on reverse [translation]: "Haguroyama (Tasunami stable)."
Haguroyama and his bride (ddr-njpa-4-10)
img Haguroyama and his bride (ddr-njpa-4-10)
Caption on reverse [translation]: "Wedding of Sumo Champion Haguroyama. (Tokyo) Domei 7th. Sumo Champion Haguroyama married the second daughter of the master Iyaemon Tatsunami, Kinuyo, and had a wedding ceremony."

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