Naval leaders of Japan and other countries at a wake for Heihachiro Togo

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Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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ddr-njpa-4-1780 (J1604.016)

Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Japanese" Collection

Caption on reverse [translation]: "Osumi, Minister of the Navy, invited the commanders-in-chief of every country. [Tokyo 1934 June 7]. Minister of the Navy Osumi held a party after the national funeral of Togo, who was the General of the Army. Traiyer, Commander-in-Chief of the support fleet, and three others attended the party. They came from England. Frank Brumby(?), Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. fleet, and two others from the U.S.; Liciyale, Commander-in-Chief of the French fleet, and three others from France; Captain Blibonaje of Kuwaruto, an Italian warship, and two people from Italy; Lieutenant Commander O[?], representative of the Chinese navy, and another person from China attended the party. They were all welcomed as guests of honor by Osumi, Kato, Yamamoto, Kobayashi, and Nomura, staff officers. The others present were Nagano, Commander-in-Chief of Yokosuka; Hasegawa, vice-minister of Yokosuka; Kato, vice-president to an army commander of military headquarters; and 18 others associated with the Japanese military. The party was splendidly held at the official residence of the Minister of the Navy."



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