Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 13 (July 31, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Relocation Rules Set. Procedure Revealed: Only Citizens May Leave WRA Centers" (p. 1), "Jobs Open for Those Qualified" (p. 1), "Canteen Hours" (p. 1), "Student Relocation Workers Here" (p. 1), "Judicial Body to Meet" (p. 2), "Hospital Laundry Wants Ironers" (p. 2), "Four Head Buyers Supply Colony Needs" (p. 3), "Boy Faints "Too Much Smoke" " (p. 3), "Hospital Warn Eye Troubles" (p. 3), "Seven Nurseries Open: Children Fed Crackers and Milk Twice a Day" (p. 3), "Dining Halls: Tuleans Prefer American Food" (p. 5), "WRA Pictures on Display" (p. 5), "Fire Dept. Distributes Equipment" (p. 5).

July 31, 1942




Courtesy of Joe Matsuzawa

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