Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 79 (October 17, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Sanitary Condition Here Favorable, Engineer Says" (p. 1), "Notes to Japan Taken According to Blocks" (p. 1), "Hunter Dies in Project Hospital" (p. 1), "Repatriation At #1608-C" (p. 1), "Volunteers Needed to Pick Up Silver" (p. 1), "Dancers to Aid Kiddies" (p. 1), "Records Office Needs 10 Typists" (p. 3), "Nursery Tots to Get Warm Cocoa" (p. 3), "Re: Theatre Building: Arguments For and Against Construction Given Preliminary to Referendum Voting" (p. 5).

October 17, 1942




Courtesy of Joe Matsuzawa

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