Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 12 (July 30, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Average Age 32: One Third of City Population Employed" (p. 1), "2000 to Attend High School" (p. 1), "Tuleans Face Third Blackout" (p. 1), "Tails Wag in Tule" (p. 1), "Council: Food Supply Assured" (p. 1), "Another Canteen Open: Store Open at Night" (p. 1), "Ward IV List of Leaders" (p. 2), "Census to Aid Workers: 600 Being Interviewed Daily" (p. 2), "Tuleans Spruce Up: 200 Heads Cut Daily Beauty Shop Packed" (p. 2), "Wardens to Get Fire Training" (p. 3).

July 30, 1942




Courtesy of Joe Matsuzawa

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