Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 69 (October 6, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Nisei Touched By Director's Outburst" (p. 1), "Citizens' Rally: Project Attorney Says... WRA Must Have Your Support" (p. 1), "Walter Tsukamoto: Scores Nisei Apathy for Political Affairs" (p. 1), "Fosters Common Fight With Minority Groups" (p. 1), "Newell Fire Fighters Keep Every Hour Busy" (p. 3), "Manzanar Gets Our Vegetables" (p. 3), "Stockton Center Goes to Rohwer" (p. 3), "CYF Starts New Drive For Members" (p. 3), "Oregon Governor Asks For Beet Labor Here: 500 Workers Urgently Needed in Malheur County" (p. 5), "4 Field Men Now at 801-D" (p. 5), "JACL Chapters to Meet" (p. 5), "Victory Gardener Has Collection of Skulls" (p. 5).

October 6, 1942




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