Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 11 (July 29, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Letter Verification Promised" (p. 1), "Free Clothing" (p. 1), "Census Will Aid Mail Delivery" (p. 1), "Block Chiefs To Aid Census" (p. 1), "Save the Tubs" (p. 1), "Uniform Wages Forum Topic: Roving "Mike" Used in Question Period" (p. 1), "Personalism" (p. 2), "Re: Letters" (p. 2), "Nostalgia" (p. 2), "Today's Quotation" (p. 2), "Ward 3 Heads Listed" (p. 3), "Ice Cream, Pop Head Sales" (p. 3), "Economics Class Begins Tonight" (p. 3), "Boys Clubs Planned" (p. 3), "Cars Keep Rolling at Tule Lake" (p. 3).

July 29, 1942




Courtesy of Joe Matsuzawa

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