Tulean Dispatch Vol. III No. 8 (July 25, 1942)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Barrack Schools are Temporary" (p. 1), "Notary Public" (p. 1), "Twenty-five Walerga Checks Returned to S.F." (p. 1), "Take Board Exam" (p. 1), "Kanemoto Dies" (p. 1), "Population Here Grows to 14,984" (p. 1), "Variety Show Here Tonight" (p. 1), "Tolo Dance" August 1" (p. 1), "Daily Menu: Food!" (p. 2), "Oratory Contest August 14, 21" (p. 2), "Dance Teachers Wanted" (p. 2), "Bussei Festival" (p. 2), "Modeling" (p. 2), "New Clinic Schedule for Patients" (p. 2), "Keep Your Shoes On" (p. 3), "Seattle Bank Depositors Note" (p. 3), "Two Sunday Speakers" (p. 3), "Record Music Program" (p. 3), "Catholic Church Notice" (p. 3), "Worship Services and Classes" (p. 3), "Buddhist Service Schedule" (p. 3), "Hardball Season's Opener" (p. 4).

July 25, 1942




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