Tulean Dispatch Vol. 5 No. 13 (April 5, 1943)

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ddr-densho-65-194 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i65-00194)

Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Operation of Private Business Prohibited" (p. 1), "Ige is Sentenced 20 Days in Klamath Jail" (p. 1), "Federal Job Applicants" (p. 1), "Evacuation Denounced by Judge Denman: is Overruled by Majority Vote of U.S. Circuit Court" (p. 1), "Penalties Governing Law Violations in W.R.A. Centers" (p. 1), "Sacto Agent Seeking Cars" (p. 1), "Procedure Incomplete For Shoe Rationing" (p. 1), "An Editorial: Relocation Responsibility" (p. 2), "Boy Scouts Plant Trees" (p. 2), "Order of Merit Honor Roll" (p. 3).

April 5, 1943




Courtesy of Joe Matsuzawa

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