Tulean Dispatch Vol. 4 No. 71 (February 11, 1943)

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Tulean Dispatch Collection

Selected article titles: "Everyone Over 17 to Register" (p. 1), "Mass Registration Begins in Project" (p. 1), "Engineering Class to Open" (p. 1), "First Egg Laid on Chicken Farm" (p. 1), "Student Council Office Moves East" (p. 1), "Alien's Answer to American Allegiance May Be Qualified" (p. 1), "Army Offices Here Revealed" (p. 1), "Co-op Buyers Find Goods Scarce Throughout East: Cotton Rayon Woolen Merchandise Expected to Arrive Within Month" (p. 2), "Club Rosters to Be Filed at C.A." (p. 2), "Good to be Free, Says Lily Matsushima" (p. 2), "2 Students Leave Mon. For College" (p. 2), "Colony Prepares Own Meat For Delivery" (p. 2), "Shortage of Nurses Aides May Cause 30% Cut of Patients" (p. 3), "Forum on Resettlement on Feb. 17 at Mess 32" (p. 3), "Seek Ceiling Price on Dance Bids" (p. 3), "Nine Leave For Schools and Jobs" (p. 3).

February 11, 1943




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