Hayashida Collection


The Hayashida Family collection includes photos and documents showing daily life of the Nishinaka family, including Fumiko Nishinaka Hayashida and siblings on Bainbridge Island before the war, documents related to the disposition and caretaking of the Fumiko and Saburo Hayashida property while the family was interned at Manzanar and Minidoka, correspondence with friends and family on Bainbridge Island as well as with other internees. A set of documents is included from the National Archives at Riverside California relating to the incarceration of “alien enemies” at Tuna Canyon Immigration Detention Station in California. Fumiko Hayashida was interviewed by Densho in 1998. The collection also includes a small album of photos from 1952.



Acquisition 1: 9 photographic prints, color and black and white. Acquisition 2: 1 photo album, 9 original WRA documents and personal letters, 1 3" binder w/ original and NARA copies of WRA documents and camp correspondences, 1 1.5" binder w/ documents.


Courtesy of the Hayashida Family Collection

9 Objects

Family reunion (ddr-densho-61-1)
img Family reunion (ddr-densho-61-1)
Fumiko Hayashida and her siblings. L to R: Nobuko, Fujio, Midori, Shigeko, Fumiko. All of Fumiko's other siblings had passed away at the time this photo was taken.
Portrait of three sisters (ddr-densho-61-3)
img Portrait of three sisters (ddr-densho-61-3)
L to R: Fujiko (5 yrs old), Fumiko (1 yr), Nobuko (3 yrs).
Three Girl Scouts (ddr-densho-61-4)
img Three Girl Scouts (ddr-densho-61-4)
Three girls in Brownie uniforms. L to R: Natalie (Hayashida) Ong, Jane (Kitamoto) Akita, Susan (Hayashida) Fujita.
Family picnic (ddr-densho-61-5)
img Family picnic (ddr-densho-61-5)
This family photo was taken at the Nishinaka family's picnic on Bainbridge Island.
Child born in a concentration camp (ddr-densho-61-6)
img Child born in a concentration camp (ddr-densho-61-6)
Fumiko Hayashida's son Satoru Leonard Hayashida at 100 days old. He was born August 15, 1942 in Manzanar concentration camp, California.
Japanese American soldier (ddr-densho-61-7)
img Japanese American soldier (ddr-densho-61-7)
Fumiko Hayashida's son, Leonard, in uniform while serving in the Vietnam War. He was twenty-five years old at the time the photo was taken, and was born in Manzanar concentration camp, California.
Japanese American couple with two grandsons (ddr-densho-61-8)
img Japanese American couple with two grandsons (ddr-densho-61-8)
Fumiko Hayashida with her husband and two grandsons: Richard on the left, Dennis on the right.
Woman and daughter looking at a photograph (ddr-densho-61-9)
img Woman and daughter looking at a photograph (ddr-densho-61-9)
Fumiko Hayashida (right) is looking at a photograph of herself taken during the 1942 mass removal of persons of Japanese ancestry from Bainbridge Island, Washington.